I like games. Board games, card games, roleplaying games – you name it, you can probably talk me into playing it. For a few of my favourites, I’ve created rules and scenarios to expand on them.

The game of kings, the king of games. You know this one already, so I won’t bother to describe it. You can find my chess variants here.

I blame Jonathon Zittrain for this one. You see, a while back, I was reading his excellent and thought-provoking book, The Future of the Internet–And How to Stop It. In one section, he complained that the game of Monopoly wasn’t generative. That it was fundamentally limited in scope. The simple fact that he was right did not deter me, and I set out to prove him wrong, by creating what I choose to call Vari-opoly: an ever growing collection of variant rules, scenarios and in some cases, games, that you can play with your Monopoly set. You can find them here.

Miscellaneous Gaming:
An assortment of variant rules for a range of role playing games, board games and even Lego games. Find them here.

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