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Marvel Timelines: The Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe

The most popular comics universe of all time, home of Spider-Man, the Hulk, Wolverine and the X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Stan Lee.

1: Before Recorded History
2: The Hyborian Age
3: Historical Times
4: The Golden Age
5: The Atlas Age
6: Sliding Timeline Prequels
7: The Modern Marvel Age Begins
8: The Silver Age
9: The Late Sixties
10: The Early Seventies
11: The Late Seventies
12: The Early Eighties
13: The Mid-Eighties
14: The Late Eighties
15: The Early Nineties
16: The Mid-Nineties
17: The Late Nineties
18: The Early Noughts
19: 2004 and 2005

Pt 6 – From Avengers Disassembled‘s aftermath to Civil War‘s aftermath
Pt 7 – From World War Hulk to Secret Invasion
Pt 8 – From Dark Reign to just before Fear Itself
Pt 9 – From Fear Itself to just before Avengers vs. X-Men
Pt 10 – From Avengers vs. X-Men onwards

14 comments to Marvel Timelines: The Marvel Universe

  • I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • Yungafrika

    Yeah I really enjoy using this timeline it helps me out alot I just hope that you add more so I can continue to use this great tool because I love reading in order so I can see how events are related and I only read collected editions too so this was the perfect tool there is nothing else like it so keep it up the good work this is amazing!

  • Incon

    Not sure if you’re still updating or working on this, but either way thanks for putting in the effort. Amazing work here, and it’s helped a lot in organizing my own collection.

    • Loki

      I’m glad you like it, and let me assure you that I haven’t stopped – it’s just a slow going kind of thing. But I’ll get there in the end – just in time, I imagine, to have a whole bunch of new stuff to add :)

  • This is brilliant. Easy to read and follow and is exactly what I was searching for. Thanks for the great effort Loki.

  • DOOM

    Hey, love the resource you’ve assembled here. I look forward to watching it grow.
    I was curious if you’d given any thought to noting in what order issues appear within a certain collected edition. Most of the time it’s fairly obvious- the issues just go in order- but in certain cases it isn’t as obvious. Examples off the top of my head would be X-Necrosha, Shadowland: Street Heroes, or Dark Reign: The List.
    I ask because sometimes I like to order comics in the order that Marvel assembles their collections, but don’t want to purchase collections of comics I already have.

    Anyway, with or with out that info, I love the site!

    • Loki

      I generally try to list the issues in the order that they appear in the collections, but it’s not always the simplest way to list them and it would mean that I could put fewer volumes on each page of the timeline. What I have been doing instead is creating Reading Orders for particular crossovers – I’ve already done Shadowland – which show not just the reading order for particular volumes but do so in the context of the whole crossover.

      The List specials are a problem: every single one of them appears in at least two collections: the List volume itself and the relevant collections for each series, and it’s hard to avoid doubling up if you have the special as well.

      And finally, glad you’re a fan of the site: it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who cares about this stuff.

  • Dragoniguana

    Thank you so much for this list! Even as a long-time fan of Marvel, it can be really hard to get the trade order straight in my head . This helps a lot. Thanks, again.

    • Loki

      That’s one of the reasons why I started this list – it was just too much to keep straight in my mind, especially in recent years when Marvel has done a lot of flashback mini-series to character’s earlier years. I’m glad you find it useful, and you’re very welcome.

  • Brandon

    Do you plan on adding “The Rise of Apocalypse” into the timeline?

    • Loki

      Hi Brandon,

      I was unaware of the existence of that collection until you pointed it out, but now that I do know, I’ve added it (here). So thank you for that :)


      • Brandon

        My pleasure. You’re doing amazing work on this. I think I have another one for you. “Red Skull: Incarnate.” Happens about the same time as “Magneto: Testament.”

        • Loki

          That one I do know about – the only reason for its absence from the timeline is that I haven’t read it myself yet. As soon as I do, believe me, it’s going on ;-)

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