Beating Kryptonite like Wonder Woman

The Amazon Princess has her own way of dealing with things, but at the end, her strategy for beating kryptonite all comes down to the shiny golden lasso that she wears on her hip. After all, it has more uses than just tying people up. It also compels truth telling. And Wonder Woman herself, trusting in the infallibility of the lasso, believes without question the truths it reveals.

Now, this uncritical acceptance may not be the smartest response, but it’s hard to argue with the basic idea. In the process of beating kryptonite, when you’re applying your will and endurance to the tasks of being prepared and communicating with those who can help you, it’s all for naught unless you can recognise and accept the truth when you hear it.

That’s never an easy thing. The truth of our problems is often painful to hear and to take in, but if we can do this – if we can endure the stress of it, talk it out with our confidantes as we need to, and so on – then we are made stronger by it. Made better by it. We reduce the hold that kryptonite has on us.

Still, by itself it will only do so much. The truth may well set you free; but you still need to walk out of the prison cell yourself.

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