Chris Nielsen’s Hell

  • Type: Hell
  • Origin: What Dreams May Come
  • Admission: unclear, but presumably worthy human souls (see below)

The worst danger Hell has to offer is of losing your mind. Since you wouldn’t be there in the first place unless you had to some extent done so – most people who are in Hell are there because they’re in some form of denial. This place confronts you with the worst you can imagine, its gateway appearing as a plain of smoking and beached shipwrecks. Other features include wide expanse of faces, that can only be crossed by stepping on them.

You don’t recognise the people you knew and loved in life, trapped in your own pain and denial forever. Chris Nielsen’s Hell can be visited by those in Chris Nielsen’s Heaven, but not vice versa. However, unusually, those in Hell can escape it: but only by becoming aware of and overcoming their state of denial.

A truly harrowing Hell, all the moreso for its ruthless justice. Here, the punishment does not merely fit the crime, but actually is the crime.

Chris Nielsen’s Heaven

  • Type: Heaven
  • Origin: What Dreams May Come
  • Admission: unclear, but presumably worthy human souls (see below)

Heaven is a place that is made up of dearest wishes, the things that will make us most comfortable. We see again those who have have gone there before us, and each of can choose the age we appear to be. The environment responds to our every wish, and we cannot come to harm even we wish to. It’s a vast dreamlike expanse, big enough for everyone to have their own private universe, should they want so much.

Of course, there are common areas – and in these, people try to keep to a common imagination of Heaven. People are generally cooperative. There’s even work to do, for those who feel a need to be productive as a part of their happiness. And should you decide that perfection is too much for you, you can always choose to reincarnate.

The incredible thing about this Heaven is that anyone ever chooses to leave. It’s as close to a perfect concept of heaven as I can imagine, except for the fact that this cosmology also includes a Hell (which I’ll get too also, don’t worry.)