Jurassic Park and the World of Darkness

As with the three films, this setting neatly divides into three parts: prior to the first film, during the period of the trilogy and following the third film.

In the earliest stage, before the events of the first film, Jurassic Park is a sort of battleground between two arms of the Technocracy: the Progenitors, whose baby it is, and the Syndicate, who are holding the checkbook. These tensions are evident in the film – Hammond’s difficulties with his investors are merely the tip of the iceberg.

A game set in this period is probably best run as a game set within the intrigues and rivalries of the Technocracy itself, with the various species of shape-changers providing an external enemy if one is required.

After the first film, when Ian Malcolm writes his book about the Park, the second stage begins. Word about the Park’s existence and nature slowly leaks out – for all that Malcolm is ridiculed for his book, there are those who believe him. It’s only after the San Diego incident that Malcolm is vindicated, and coverage of the Park saturates the media. After this time, it’s public knowledge.

In one sense, this is a victory for the Technocracy: although the Park itself is a failure, the masses are now compelled to accept that technology has advanced, that the world has changed – the Technocracy has strengthened its grip on the paradigm of the masses. Games set during this may wish to concentrate on battles of media manipulation between the Technocracy and the Traditions – it’s not so much the existence of the dinosaurs as the meaning of them that is important now. (The odd alliance of the Verbena and the Sons of Ether that might spring up to defend the dinosaurs is another twist that Storytellers can use to shake things up.)

After the third movie, which concludes with pterodactyls flying off the island, looking for new territories, a third stage begins. In this stage, it is the battle of humans vs dinosaurs that takes centre stage. (This could be set earlier – the original novel includes a group of velociraptors who make their way to the mainland, and the second novel does the same with procompothnagus.) This stage is probably best not played as Mage, but as Werewolf – the new dinosaurs, especially the velociraptors, find allies amongst the Mokole, the Nagah and possibly the Rokea, and institute a new Impergium – with all the rest of the Bete caught in the middle. The grim irony that it is humanity itself who creates the Apocalypse will not be lost on the Garou.

Jurassic Park The World of Darkness