1960 – Construction of the Hollywood Walk of Fame begins

Another manifestation of Hollywood’s love affair with itself, the Hollywood Walk of Fame – you know, all those stars set in the concrete of Hollywood Boulevard (and Vine Street, for the overflow) – was originally conceieved of in the 1950’s. Construction began on February 8, 1960, and the first star was completed a little over a month later.

However, the project soon fell into disuse, and after 1960, no more stars were awarded until 1968, when the Walk of Fame fell under new management. Today, there are more than 2400 stars in the Walk, with 20-30 new ones added each year. Qualifying for a star means satisfying a number of strict criteria, the strictest of which is that you (or whoever nominates you) must pay US $25,000 to the committe that runs the Walk.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was intended to a tourist trap – I’m sorry, a tourist attraction – and it has become this.

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