Vampire: The Masquerade and Over The Edge

Two games of modern conspiracy and horror that go together like… well, like two things you didn’t think would go together but that actually combine surprisingly well. Because, you see, the various clans have each made themselves friends on Al Amarja:
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Babylon 5 and Vampire: The Masquerade

This might seem like an odd one at first glance, but bear with me. There’s method to this madness.

The obscure Salubri clan of vampires, whose clan discipline allows them to do things to the souls of themselves and others, are few in numbers today. On Earth. This is because the vast majority of them fled to space many centuries ago – about seven centuries ago, in fact.

Attracted by the great disturbance in the spirituo-temporal dimension they imperfectly sense, many of them travelled to Minbar to learn more of the disturbance, which it soon became clear was centred on a Minbari not born of Minbari named Valen. While the Salubri never did solve the mysteries around Valen, they did make enemies of the Minbari and Vorlons in their attempts to.

Over the centuries, they fell away from their faith, and lost much of the power of their clan discipline. All alone in the never-ending night of space, it was easy for them to avoid sunlight, but doing so made it harder for them to feed. Increasingly, over the years, they mutated in appearance and turned to technology to replace the powers they had lost. In doing so, they became in truth what the Minbari had named them: the Soul Hunters.

But what of the other vampiric clans? It is likely that they were covertly hunted down and destroyed by the Vorlons and their allies, or failing that, that one of the less-talked about functions of PsiCorps is do just that. While it defies belief to think that none of them made it off the planet, it is likely that their numbers were few (although the existence of species-jumping plagues like the Drafa makes it clear that at least one Tzimisce made it to the black).

Back on Earth, it may be that the draconian measures of the Clark governement were in part motivated by a need to eradicate the vampiric menace – and that any survivors were most likely accounted for by the Drakh plague less than a decade later.

Babylon 5 Vampire: The Masquerade