Christmas Heaven

It’s unclear precisely what the requirements are for entering Monty Python’s Heaven (as seen in “The Meaning of Life”). It may actually be that everyone goes there after death (which is notably arbitrary and enforced by a Grim Reaper who clearly does not enjoy his job), since despite strong Christian overtones, it inhabitants include the Three Wise Men of the gospels (who were not Christians).

What is known about Heaven is that it resembles the kind of holiday resort that you really don’t want to go to, a sort of low budget, completely edge-free Las Vegas (presumably without the gambling). Not least because it is, in fact, Christmas every day in Heaven. So although you get awesome gifts each day, you probably don’t have time to enjoy them, what with the bad restaurant food and astoundingly banal cabaret performances held every night.

About the only good thing you can say for this Heaven is that the angels are cute, pert-breasted and not overly-encumbered by any sort of modesty taboo. In short, avoid it unless you’re seriously into breasts.