Writerly: The Ducal Line

I reached a milestone yesterday in writing this story: the 10,000 word mark. You won’t be seeing that particular episode for a while yet – the post that carries us over that line is scheduled for New Year’s Eve – but it’s written, all the same. Considering that I started writing it in January 2009, that’s not terribly impressive. Indeed, the slow rate of progress on it was the major reason why I decided to make it daily. That, and the relative brevity of each installment.
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Whither the Ducal Line?

That’s a bloody good question.

I haven’t really been keeping up on posting here lately, and as a result, I ran out of posts that I’d written ahead of myself in this category. Which meant that about once a week, one plot thread kept getting updated, because that’s how I’ve tended to write it: four or five posts at a time on a single plot thread, spaced out by other plot threads. Sometimes, I just write one post at a time, when the day approaches and I need just the one post. Those posts I often don’t enjoy writing very much, although one of my favourites was one of those – this one – so it’s hard to predict.

The thing is, I never thought that the Ducal Line would sprawl as much as it has. It’s gotten farther and farther from my original idea – and I still haven’t written, for example, a single bug report. The story has yet to get up to the point where actual work on the project (within the story) has started. It’s all been administrivia and personal politics.

I’m not saing I haven’t enjoyed writing it – and I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed reading it – I’m just saying that it’s wandered a little from my original intent. At times, due to deliberate padding on my part, at other times (as with the recent server ship plot thread) because I was running with one particular idea.

Anyway, I do plan to continue it, but it might well go on hiatus for a little while, because I need to rethink it, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time to do that. On the other hand, I might suddenly get inspired and you might see a proper post for it on Wednesday. But I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.