Terminator: Salvation and Fight Club

So I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who was a little freaked out during Terminator: Salvation” by the fact that Skynet’s human likeness appears to be that of Marla Singer.

It’s surely no coincidence, after all, and I’m about to tell you just how little a coincidence it is.
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The DC Universe and Terminator: Salvation

Maybe this isn’t the most likely combination, but I sometimes wonder how a nuclear war would affect the DC Universe. It strikes me that it would be a little more fun – from a roleplaying perspective at least – than Kingdom Come ever was.

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

Terminator 3: Rise of the MachinesVHS | DVD | Blu-ray | Download

Score Tracklist:

  1. A Day In The Life
  2. Hooked On Multiphonics
  3. Blonde Behind The Wheel
  4. JC Theme
  5. Starting T1
  6. Hearse Rent A Car
  7. TX’s Hot Tail
  8. Graveyard Shootout
  9. More Deep Thoughts
  10. Dual Terminator
  11. Kicked In The Can
  12. Magnetic Personality
  13. Termina-Tricks
  14. Flying Lessons
  15. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?
  16. Terminator Tangle
  17. Radio
  18. T3
  19. The Terminator Tangle
  20. Open To Me
  21. I Told You — Mia Julia

Tracks not on Soundtrack:

Terminator II: Judgement Day (1992)

Terminator 2: Judgement DayVHS | DVD | Blu-ray | Download

Score Tracklist:

  1. Main Title from Terminator 2
  2. Sarah on the Run
  3. Escape from the Hospital (And T1000)
  4. Desert Suite
  5. Sarah’s Dream (Nuclear Nightmare)
  6. Attack on Dyson (Sarah’s Solution)
  7. Our Gang Goes to Cyberdyne
  8. Trust Me
  9. John & Dyson into Vault
  10. Swat Team Attack
  11. I’ll Be Back
  12. Helicopter Chase
  13. Tankerchase
  14. Hasta la Vista, Baby (T1000 Freezes)
  15. Into the Steel Mill
  16. Cameron’s Inferno
  17. Terminator Impaled
  18. Terminator Revives
  19. T1000 Terminated
  20. It’s over Goodbye

Tracks Not on Soundtrack:

The Terminator (1984)

The TerminatorVHS | DVD | Blu-ray | Download

Score Tracklist:

  1. The Terminator Theme
  2. Terminator Arrival
  3. Tunnel Chase
  4. Love Scene
  5. Future Remembered
  6. Factory Chase
  7. You Can’t Do That — Tryanglz
  8. Burnin’ In The Third Degree — Tryanglz
  9. Pictures Of You — 16mm
  10. Photoplay — Tryanglz
  11. Intimacy — Linn Van Hek