1938 – Action Comics #1 introduces Superman

In 1938, two young men named Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created not just a character, but an entire genre.

Their creation was Superman, a strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Although actually, he wasn’t that powerful to begin with – sure, he could leap tall buildings in a single bound, but a) buildings were generally less tall in the Thirties; and b) today he can fly between planets. He didn’t yet have his heat vision, his x-ray vision or his super-breath. He lacked many aspects of his background that we now all know: he worked for the Daily Star, not the Daily Planet; his arch-enemy was the Ultra-Humanite, not Lex Luthor; and the planet Krypton had yet to be invented (so he had no Supergirl, no Krypto, no General Zod and no kryptonite, among others).

He would become one of the top-selling characters of all time, and one of the most iconic characters in popular fiction, spawning comics, radio serials, tv shows, movies and even a Broadway musical.

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I for one can’t believe either of the following facts:
1) that DC Comics isn’t attempting to revive the musical
2) that Freidrich Neitzsche has not been spinning in his graves for seven decades and counting now…