1620 — The Mayflower sets sail from Plymouth

An iconic event in the history (or more accurately, pre-history) of the United States, the passengers of the Mayflower were primarily of that group known to history as the Pilgrim Fathers. They were religious dissidents in England, known as Separatists. In 1620, they pooled their funds and purchased passage to the colonies of New England, where they intended to establish their own colony.

However, their departure was delayed by the necessity of moving around to avoid religious persecution in England, and it was not until mid-September of 1620 that they finally departed. 102 of them embarked, heading into the dangerous waters of the North Atlantic and an unknowable fate.

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1977 — Marc Bolan dies

After David Bowie (with whom he maintained a mostly friendly rivalry), Marc Bolan is the single biggest name in the history of glam rock. Born Mark Felt, he was two weeks short of his thirtieth birthday when an automobile accident claimed his life.

Bolan’s career had been a great one up to that point. As the lead singer of T.Rex, he wrote and performed such classics as “Get It On”, “Children of the Revolution” and “Telegram Sam”. His influence, and that of T.Rex, on later musicians, especially in Britain, was immense. His grave remains a site of pilgrimage to fans from all over the world.

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