Science and Faith: A Reply

With all due respect to my guest poster of last week, I have to disagree with her in many points.

While I do think that it is possible for science and faith to coexist, I don’t think they can do so as equals. I think it’s only possible to do so if one of the two is ascendant over the other.

There are, naturally, two ways this can go: faith over science or science over faith.
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Guest Post: On Matters of Science and Faith

Recently, I was contacted by Aileen Stillman, who wanted to write a guest post on this site. As Aileen is both a scientist and a Christian, I thought her perspective on matters of faith and doubt might be interesting, so I agreed. Here’s what she sent me:
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Science and Atheism

One of my greatest problems with atheists – in fact, probably my single greatest problem with atheists – is that for a bunch of people who make a lot of noise about being scientific, but tend to fall rather short of that not terribly elusive state. Let me show what I mean.
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