• Type: This World
  • Origin: the Robocop Trilogy
  • Admission: strictly at the discretion of Omni Consumer Products

Bad enough that you’re a cop or a criminal in the decaying urban wasteland that is Detroit of the all-too-near future. Still, you’ve probably been sufficiently inured to losing your dignity in life not to worry too much about what happens to you after death.

Which is good, because what happens after death is that OCP uses your body and brain to hang their cybernetic police officer RoboCop off of, and you get to wander around Detroit enforcing the law, but unable to touch the real criminals, who run the very same corporation that refuses to let you rest in peace – and whom you are owned by.

Fortunately for you, there are loopholes. It can be hard to find them, though.


Proclaimed by the Surgeon-General of the United States to be the most addictive and dangerous narcotic in human history, Nuke is apparently a mixture of several other drugs, notably benzedrine and scopalimine.

Available in a wide variety of flavours, each one a different colour, there is a Nuke for every mood – white noise, black thunder, red ramrod and blue velvet are listed, although red ramrod is far and away the most popular. All are distributed in ampoules about an inch and half long, which are injected directly into the user’s skin.

Made in Detroit by the psychotic drug lord and cult leader Cain, Nuke is no longer produced after Robocop killed Cain and destroyed his manufacturing facilities.