Hooded Robbings: Robin Hood across genre

One of the reasons that Robin Hood’s legend is so enduring is the sheer simplicity of it: “He steals from the rich to give to the poor” must surely be one of the earliest examples of what Hollywood calls a high concept. And it’s certainly a durable one.

The basic elements are simple: the repressive power of wealth is the villain, the individuals who take up the fight against them are the heroes. It’s a simple formula, and almost infinitely adaptable – Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS Robin Hood book covered not just the traditional setting, but also six other versions of it in different times and places.

But just how far will it go?
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Fight Club and Robin Hood

So what happens after the end of Fight Club? What happens after Tyler Durden has blown away the credit record – and a fair portion of downtown Wilmington, Delaware? Well, Tyler isn’t exactly unprecedented in his anti-consumerist philosophy. Robbing the rich for the sake of the poor is not something he’s a stranger to. You can see where this is going.
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