Warren Ellis’ WildStorm Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are, in this cosmology, nothing more than siege engines endlessly pushing against each other, powered by the souls that each one takes in. There is, apparently, no escape from them.

Or rather, there wasn’t until the Russian nuclear program really got going. In Kazakhstan, there’s a bar called The Last Shot. Every photo on its walls belongs to one of “the triumphant dead” – people who died strapped to nukes detonated underground. Apparently, something in the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear detonation disrupts and destroys the soul as well as the body. Those who die this way die safe in the knowledge that their souls will be denied to both hell and heaven.

Planetary and TORG

Moving right along.

A secondary theme in Planetary – and the major theme in TORG – it the multiplicity of realities. Both settings posit an almost infinite number of realities, in which our Earth is only one, although special for various reasons. The Earth of Planetary (that of the original WildStorm Universe, if you want to be picky), is simply another Cosm to be plundered by the High Lords and Darkness Devices of TORG. Or at least, that’s how they see it 🙂

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Unknown Armies and Planetary

This week, we bid goodbye to the Lord of the Rings, and move on with Unknown Armies to another link in the chain: Planetary. It’s a strange world -let’s make it stranger still!

As always, copious spoilers are to be found within.

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