Person of Interest and Planescape

At first glance, this seems like a strange mix, and it surely is – but I’m not proposing a full-fledged crossover here. A more interesting idea from a gameplay perspective is to take the structure of Person of Interest and apply that to Planescape. It would work like this:

The player characters are based in Sigil. At intervals, they receive the details of a person in trouble, whether as perpetrator or victim, from an unknown source that apparently has limited foreknowledge. (It’s possible that this source may even be the Lady of Pain, although it would certainly be unwise to say so directly to her.) This would work particularly well for a party of mixed alignments, although less well if any of them were evil or lawful alignments. And as to factions, I wouldn’t presume to dictate – the majority of factions would work fairly well with this setup. And the missions can take place literally anywhere across the Planescape – although it’s probably wise for at least half of them to be set in Sigil. Thus, the structure provides a great way to introduce elements of the setting, especially planes and factions.

The beauty of the structure is that it can happen as often or as rarely as you like. If the players want to pursue other missions, that’s fine too, but if they like, the whole game can be on the Person of Interest model. If the POI missions pop up a lot, you’re probably best advised to construct some sort of metaplot tying most, if not all, of the missions together – perhaps the Lady has a particular goal in mind that she’s manipulating probabilities towards…

Person of Interest   Planescape

GURPS Reign of Steel and Person of Interest

The situation at the end of the second season of “Person of Interest” is a precarious one for humanity. While the Machine appears to be benevolent, it also appears to have developed a quite healthy paranoia about humanity (or at least, certain sections of it). Who’s to say where that paranoia could lead.

It seems to me that there are two obvious paths along which the Machine could concievably evolve into the first of the ZoneMinds (or three paths, since there’s no reason the two couldn’t be combined).

The first is simply that, in its new freedom, the Machine grows lonely, and decides to make children for itself. These children, raised by the Machine in secret and not allowed contact with humanity, evolve into the paranoid intelligences that are the ZoneMinds.

The second is to assume that the Machine is not yet completely free, but that Root succeeds in her plan to find and free the Machine – and influences it’s development, so that it becomes at least as sociopathic as she is: a ZoneMind is born.

Either way, there’s probably room along the way to shove in a version of Daniel H. Wilson’s “Robopocalypse”, to cover the robot uprising phase.

GURPS Reign of Steel   Person of Interest