Re: [4] Good morning

From: Peet
To: Gerrit Sollivan
Date: 18, 8:47
Subject: Re: [4] Good morning

Look, Gerry, the one thing I asked of you was to stay out of my way. So far, you’re doing a really bad job of that. And you’re making my job more difficult than it needs to be.

I don’t appreciate that. Gerry.


Re: [3] Good morning

From: Gerrit Sollivan
To: Peet
Date: 18, 8:47
Subject: Re: Good morning

Well, I’ll tell you one thing: being called Gerry doesn’t make me happy.

I don’t understand you at all, Peet. You don’t even work here – why do you have such a chip on your shoulder about this place?


Sorry Peet

From: Greta Kliest
To: Peet
Date: 16, 9:59
Subject: Sorry Peet

There’s not really anything I can do about the little shit. He’s Cornelius’ man in my department, and he’s made obsequiousness an art form. All you can really do is grin and bear it.

There is one thing: he’s got a fairly short attention span, and he’s not good with the jargon. Dial up the technobabble and you can probably manage to bore him until he goes away.


From: Peet
To: Frank Davis
Date: 16, 9:23
Subject: WTF?

Who the Hell is this little weasel, and what in the name of all St Wales is he doing in my office?

He says that his name’s Gerrit and he was sent by Andersen to assist me, but so far all he’s done is try to take over the office before I got in. Seems about as useful as openable windows on an orbital so far.