Odysseus the Rebel’s Hell

Hell is a grim and forbidding place for Odysseus. It’s somewhat divorced from normal time, in that it appears to feature modern cities (in 1800 BCE or thereabouts), and it is also the abode of no known god, save for the dubious borderline case of Hercules.

The dead who live here are not tortured in any particular way, other than being forced to endure each other’s company. They have no knowledge of the mortal world past their leaving of it, and they arrive here naked and shivering. The nudity is easily fixed but the shivering tends to go on – this is a cold and dim place, inhabited by shades who suck the life force out of any among the living foolish enough to visit.

In general, this a Hell for lying down and avoiding. No one should visit it save at truly great need – say, in order to consult an infallible prophet on how to thwart the very gods themselves.