1987 – Madonna serves Sean Penn with divorce papers at Thanksgiving

Some relationships have an expiry date from the very start – the marriage of Sean Penn and Madonna was one of these. Both were infamously volatile and egotistical, and the failure of the film they made together, “Shanghai Surprise”, didn’t help. By the start of 1987, it was pretty obvious that the couple wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas together that year.

The two weren’t speaking for a while – and it appears that Penn may have be trying to delay the inevitable. Even so, MNadonna choosing the occasion of their family Thanklsgiving to serve Penn with divorce papers was some cold shit.

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1922 — Carter and Carnavon find King Tut’s tomb

If not the greatest archeaological find of the Twentieth Century, certainly the best known. King Tut – well, Tutankhamum really – was a little known and fairly unimportant Pharaoh historically, but his tomb is one of the best preserved ever found, and has been extremely influential in how we view Pharaonic Egypt.

Howard Carter and his sponsor, George Herbert, Lord Carnavon, had spent lots of money and nearly a decade searching for the tomb of the boy king, and Carnavon had started to lose hope. 1922 was to be the last year he funded Carter – it turned out to be the last year he needed to. It took a decade to finish cataloging the tomb and removing the artifacts from it. Since their discovery, various collections of Tutankhamun artifacts have been almost constantly on tour around the world.

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1986 – Gary Heidnik begins his kidnappings

A former US Army media and diagnosed schizoid, Gary Heidnik was 43 years old when he committed the first of a series of six kidnappings in Philadelphia, all of which featured assault and rape, two of which ended in murder. The victim, Josefina Rivera, was forced into helping Heidnik with his subsequent crimes – but also later managed to escape and bring the police down on her captor.

The cops found three other women chained in Heidnik’s basement, as well as the remains of the two he had killed. Heidnik was arrested, and although tried and convicted in 1988, he was not executed for his crimes until 1999.

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1983 – Quiet Riot’s album “Metal Health” reaches #1 on the US album chart

Quiet Riot came out of nowhere in 1983, with two hugely popular singles in “Cum on Feel the Noise” and “Bang Your Health (Metal Health)” that carried the album to number 1 on the US, UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand charts.

Arguably, the success of Quiet Riot paved the way for the metal acts that were generally called the hair bands – groups like Poison, Twisted Sister, Bon Jovi and Motley Crue – simply because it made metal mainstream for a time. However, none of their subsequent albums ever performed as well as Metal Health, although Quiet Riot kept recording and performing until 2007, when lead singer Kevin DuBrow died. After DuBrow’s death, the group disbanded.

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