• Type: Hell
  • Origin: Norse Myth
  • Admission: evil men (evil by Norse standards, at any rate)

Nifhel, the Misty Hel, is the lowest level of the Norse cosmology, located in the Ninth World. It is a dim and depressing place, inhabited only by clouds of fog and the shades of men who were evil or cowardly in life.

For the average Viking, this is the worst possible place to wind up.

One reason for this, is that it is also the home of Garmr, the greatest among wolves, who was chained up in Gnipahellir, a cave at the top of a mountain. A fierce beast, his loosing heralds the beginning of Ragnarok – at which he is prophesised to kill (and be killed by) Tyr of the Aesir

If you do wind up here, you can at least look forward to getting out in order to fight in Ragnarok. Of course, you will be on the wrong side when that happenns…