1952 – Eva Peron dies of cancer

Maria Eva Duarte was born in Argentina in 1919. In 1934, she moved to the capital Buenos Aires, where she acheived fame on the stage, on radio and in film as an actress.

In 1945 she married Colonel Juan Peron, who was elected President of Argentina the following year. She became a very important figure in the government of Argentina, running the Ministries of Labor and Health, founding and running the charitable Eva Perón Foundation, championing women’s suffrage in Argentina (which was granted in 1947), and encouraging women to be involved in politics thereafter.

She was nominated to run for the office Vice-President of Argentina in 1951, but her failing health (among other reasons) led her to decline the nomination. Eva died in 1952, and was buried with full state honours. She remains a powerfully inspirational figure in Argentina and elsewhere, albeit a sometimes controversial one.

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