Intelligent Designs

One of the things about Intelligent Design – one of the ones that its proponents kinda sorta want to cover up, but only when it’s being used against them in debate – is that if you accept the basic hypothesis that the universe is a designed artifact, you can infer certain things about the nature of the designer and its intelligence from a close study of said artifact.

Given that the universe, as we understand it, seems to be more or less optimized for human habitation (or, as evolution says, humans are optimized to inhabit the universe), one has to assume that the intelligence of the designer is not so very dissimilar from that of humanity.

There are several possibile candidates for who the Intelligent Designer (or Designers) might be:

  • an alien race
  • our own descendants, who have mastered the science and/or magick of time travel
  • God (you know, that dude from the Bible)

And, of course, one other possibility.
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