1995 – “Money Train” premieres

Not the greatest movie in the career of either Wesley Snipes or Woody Harrelson, and seen as decidedly average by most reviewers, “Money Train” tells the story of an out of work man (Harrelson) who plans a train robbery and his foster brother (Snipes) who works as a transit cop.

The film made only $77 million – not even $10 million more than its budget – and was rated only 22% on Rotten Tomatoes (a ‘rotten’ rating).

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Money Train (1995)

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Soundtrack Tracklist:

  1. The Train Is Coming (Money Train Remix) — Shaggy/Ken Boothe
  2. Top Of The Stairs — Skee-Lo
  3. Do You Know (Berry’s Theme) — Total
  4. Show You The Way To Go — Men Of Vizion
  5. Hiding Place — Assorted Phlavors/Patra
  6. Making Love — 112
  7. The Thrill I’m In — Luther Vandross
  8. Still Not Over You — Trey Lorenz
  9. It’s Alright — Terri and Monica
  10. Oh Baby — 4.0
  11. Merry Go Round — UBU
  12. Hold On I’m Coming — UBU
  13. Money Train Suite — Mark Mancina

Tracks not on Soundtrack: