1828 — Nat Turner sees a vision urging him to rebellion

Nat Turner’s first vision was a striking one: the Spirit appeared to him and told him to take up Christ’s cross and suffer in his place, metaphorically. Turner interpreted this as a call to arms, and began laying plans for a rebellion (which would eventually bear fruit in August of 1831).

For the meantime, Turner continued to work in slavery, building his forces and biding his time, and growing ever stronger in his faith. How much he suffered we can only guess at, but based on the events of the slave rebellion he led, it must have been a great amount.

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1932 – Charles Lindbergh, Jr is found dead

Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr was only 20 months old when he was kidnapped from the Lindbergh home in East Amwell, New Jersey on March 1, 1932. His corpse was found nearby more than two months later on May 12. The cause of death was a skulll fracture.

The discovery of the body brought to a close the media and public speculation about the fate of the baby, which included hoaxes and involvement by the FBI. The death of the child was a crushing blow to his parents, who had paid a $50,000 ransom. The investigation into the crime continued for another two years, and the man eventually convicted and executed for the crime, Bruno Hauptmann, insisted on his innocence until his death, and the truth of his assertions remains questionable even today.

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May 12, 1451 BCE — Joshua destroys the walls of Jericho

Moses’ right hand man and heir, Joshua was the leader who led the Israelites into Canaan after their 40 years of exile in the Sinai desert.

The major conflict recorded by the Bible in this period – which was, in all fairness, an invasion and conquest of Canaan by the Israelites – was the battle of Jericho. The Israelites under Joshua laid siege to this town (which is one of the oldest continually occupied human settlements in the world). The Israelites spent a week carrying the Ark of the Covenant around the city while holding horns in front of it – on the seventh day, they blew the horns, and the walls came down. Stripped of their greatest defence, the Canannites of Jericho well slaughtered and the town razed – only a turncoat who had assisted the Israelites (and her family) was left alive.