1887 — Marcus Garvey born

A noted thinker, journalist and orator, Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican born politician who is best known for his espousal of the idea that the descendents of the African Diaspora (i.e. the negro slaves brought to the Americas) should return to Africa. He was also the originator of the Pan-African ideal: the idea that Africans should set aside their tribal differences and work as one united people to create an Africa that was the equal – and no longer the possession – of Europe.

Needless to say, these ideas were controversial – to say the least – in Garvey’s own time, and are scarcely less so today. Garvey died in 1940, his great vision largely still unrealised, but he remains a figure of inspiration to Africans everywhere. Notably, he is considered to be a prophet (possibly even the reincarnation of John the Baptist) by the Rastafari church.

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