Prince’s Afterworld

  • Type: Heaven
  • Origin: Let’s Go Crazy
  • Admission: unclear, but possibly everyone

The Afterworld, if we are to take the purple one at his word – and who is to say he has not visited this realm in the course of his shamanic journeys? – is a magical place. We know very little about it, other than that it is a place of never ending happiness, and, given that the sun shines day and night, possibly on the inside of a Dyson Sphere.

By implication from the rest of the song, it is reached via an elevator of some description, and modern psychiatry holds no clues as to where this elevator may be found. Also, a purple banana is involved somehow. Possibly this is the ambrosia of the Afterworld.

As afterlives go, you could do worse – the Afterworld is the veritable land of good trips, a psychedelic playground. However, its prophet is a capricious man who seems to be over-compensating for insecurities regarding his height, and this choice as prophet does not speak highly of the judgement of its gods.