I am pleased to report

From: Cornelius Andersen
To: Kathereyne Hall
Date: 18, 0:16
Subject: I am pleased to report

That the internal investigation we agreed upon into Kliest-Hargraeves’ last project for you commences today. The project will be headed up by Peet, whose integrity is a byword in our industry as you know.

Thank you for agreeing to this as an alternative to a drawn-out legal process which would only tie up resources for both our companies.

C. Andersen

Re: Re: Corny, what is this?

From: Katheryne Hall
To: Cornelius Andersen
Date: 15, 12:30
Subject: Re: Re: Corny, what is this?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Katheryne my dear, but I wanted to be sure that everything was done right, and you know how non-management types are – you practically have to stand right behind them the whole time to get them to do their jobs right.

My initial, highly informal investigation suggests that there may well be something awry, just as you say. I didn’t want to believe this, of course – who ever wants to think that their own company is at fault? – but I cannot rule it out to my satisfaction. Bloody Greta says that I’m suffering from “confirmation bias”, whatever that is, but I suspect that she’s just trying to protect her people.

As much as I can sympathise with her loyalties, I think that she has allowed sentiment to overwhelm business practicality on this occasion. I want to be sure this is done right. So I would ask that you temporarily put any legal actions you are planning on hold, while I call in an independent auditor of the utmost probity to ensure that the impartial truth is reached. Naturally, if the auditor’s findings do not exonerate us, I would be happy to discuss appropriate restitution, and you will find me quite sympathetic and accomodating.

I hope this is suitable for you, and I apologise for the delay that this audit will entail, but I think it is important that we not only do the right thing, but that we are seen to do the right thing, don’t you?

Re: Corny, what is this?

From: Cornelius Andersen
To: Katheryne Hall
Date: 14, 15:12
Subject: Re: Corny, what is this?

Katheryne, I’m sure there must be some misunderstanding. I’m not aware of any deficiencies in our most recent contract with you, or any of its predecessors. Give me a day or two to look into it, and I’ll get back to you. I’m sure that between us, we can straighten this out.

Corny, what is this?

From: Katheryne Hall
To: Cornelius Andersen
Date: 14, 10:52
Subject: Corny, what is this?

Corny darling, surely you and I have been around long enough now that you would know better.

My underlings tell me that the last job we sub-contracted to you was, shall we say, not Kliest-Hargreaves’ best work. That it may in fact be deficient in ways that expose you to a certain degree of liability should things go that way.

I’d prefer that they not, which is why I am asking you now to look into this. I would like to come to some sort of arrangement between us without all the fuss and bother of involving the courts.