2009 – Harry Patch, the last veteran of the Trenches of World War One, dies

At the time of Harry Patch’s death, he was aged 111 years and 38 days. The last surviving World War One veteran to have fought in the trenches of the Western Front, he was nicknamed “the Last Fighting Tommy.”. His great age made Patch the third-oldest man in the world, the oldest man in Europe and the 69th oldest man in history (at least, history since reliable records were kept).

In his later years, Harry Patch was deeply cynical about his experience of war, and the politicians who start but never fight in these wars. Patch was a passionate opponent of war for most of his life, and did not hate his former enemies; rather, he pitied enemy and ally alike. As he put it:
Irrespective of the uniforms we wore, we were all victims.

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1853 – Joaquin Murrieta, the Robin Hood of El Dorado, is shot and killed by the California State Rangers

Joaquin Murrieta was a Mexican bandit who is widely considered the be the inspiration for Zorro. Between 1850 and 1853, he led a bandit group called the Five Joaquins (the other four members were Joaquin Botellier, Joaquin Carrillo, Joaquin Ocomorenia, and Joaquin Valenzuela).

In the four years or so that they were active, they stole more than $100,000 in gold, more than 100 horses, and killed 19 people, including three lawmen. Much like Robin Hood and his men, they were helped and sheltered by the locals, who regarded them as revolutionaries.

By 1853, they weren’t the only ones.

On May 11, the Governor of California John Bigler created the “California State Rangers,” with the mission of capturing the “Five Joaquins”. On July 25, 1853, a group of Rangers encountered a band of armed Mexican men, and two of the Mexicans were killed. One was claimed to be Murrieta, and the other was thought to be Three-Fingered Jack. The Rangers severed Garcia’s hand and the alleged Murrieta’s head as proof of their deaths and preserved them in a jar of brandy.

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