Judgement City

  • Type: Limbo, but an Other World to appearances.
  • Origin: Defending Your Life
  • Admission: everyone.

Judgement City is a realm of the just dead, the first place you go after you die. While you’re there, your life is evaluated and a decision is reached as to whether you’ll be allowed to move onwards (the implication is that there are many worlds arrayed in a hierachy of spiritual evolution). If you’re not permitted to move on, you’ll get sent back to Earth to try again, or, if you’re considered to have had too many failed attempts already, simply dissolved into oblivion.

The odds are that you’ll only be in Judgement City for a week, which you won’t remember afterwards in any case. While there, you’ll never have to pay for anything, and all the food is both delicious and completely non-fattening.

Apparently, on Earth most people use between 3-5% of their brains, and are crippled by fear – the trick to advancing is to use progressively more of your brain.
Yeah, it sounds kinda Scientological to me too.