The Halls of Waiting

  • Type: Limbo
  • Origin: The Silmarillion
  • Admission: Elves, Men and Maiar (with some exceptions), possibly Dwarves

The Halls of Waiting are ruled over by the Vala Mandos, also known as Namo. They are located in Valinor, the abode of the gods, and their walls grow ever wider as the ages pass.

Elves and Maiar stay there only until they are rested, and then return to life, as Gandalf did – although fallen Maiar never return here but instead pass into the void. Men stay there a little while, and then pass on to some other fate – and aside from Illuvatar the creator, no one knows for sure what that fate is. It’s not clear what fate awaits Dwarves, but they believe that it is not dissimilar to that which awaits Elves.

Of course, to wind up here, you have to first have the good fortune to be born in Middle Earth. If you can work that, let me know and we’ll open a guided tours business.