The Serum

Also known as the Source, the Serum was created by the scientists of the South East Asian Republic as a response the American and European Super Soldier Serum projects. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

The Serum is a bright green liquid that is taken by injection, which mutates those who take it into terrifyingly powerful superhumans, so different from baseline humanity that they consider themselves another species (although it is unclear whether this is true or merely rhetoric). Several thousand of them already exist in the S.E.A.R. and they have created their own realm and invited any who wish to join them to do so. So confident are they in their power that when Nick Fury sent Hawkeye to steal a sample, they actually gave it to him.

Forever Compound

The Forever Compund is an alchemical serum produced by the Brotherhood of the Shield. It is a diluted form of the Elixir of Immortality developed by Isaac Newton in 1652.

While it still retains the life-prolonging properties of its parent elixir, it doesn’t keep any of the other properties. In particular, it does not prevent the mind or body of the person injected with it from decaying.

Newton administered it to Nostradamus in 1652, which kept the seer alive and also kept his prophetic gifts intact until Nostradamus took the Elixir of Immortality three hundred years later.