1943 – Nikola Tesla dies

Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current, and a personal and business rival of Thomas Edison for decades, died penniless and alone in a hotel in New York. Despite his many inventions and great fame, he had few friends and virtually nothing to show for his work by this, his 87th year of life.

Tesla has been more fondly remembered in fiction than in history, where he is often the archetypal Mad Scientist – and hero or villain with about equal frequency.

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1989 – The Todd Terry Project releases “To The Batmobile Let’s Go”

Although Todd Terry is best known for his remixes of other artists works, his earlier work as a DJ and recording artist was more adventurous. His 1989 album, To The Batmobile Let’s Go is a case in point. It doesn’t really work that well as music because it’s not really structured for playing dance cuts of – although it is good to dance to.

Terry would go on to acheive greater fame in the 90’s with a series of high profile remixes, including his takes on such songs as Missing (Everything But The Girl) and S-E-X-X-Y (They Might Be Giants).

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