The Third Place

Many long years ago, when the Grigori fell from Heaven, there was one who neither arrived in Hell nor was to be found on Earth: Az’zel was his name. He made his home in a dimension with no name beyond “The Third Place” – by which it was meant that this place was neither Heaven nor Hell. On the other hand, it was a place of eternal torment ruled a fallen angel (or, y’know, a demon), so it was basically a Hell by another name.

The sensation felt by visitors and residents to the Third Place has been described as a brutal numbness: not so much a pain as a painful awareness of the lack of all sensation. The realm itself is dark and nigh unto featureless, and ruled now by a human named Chris Cole, who more or less subsumed the power and being of Az’zel, and doesn’t seem to have redecorated much.

Even as Hells go, this one’s pretty crap – there’s no escaping the feeling of it, and you don’t get to watch other people suffer, so it’s not even entertaining. Nor does it feature the visual spectacle of the Mordor-on-steroids aesthetic so common to other Hells. I suggest avoiding it.

Constantine’s Hell

  • Type: Hell
  • Origin: Constantine
  • Admission: the damned.

Although clearly inspired by the Christian Hell, the Hell of Constantine is right up to the minute – it appears as a twisted and spoiled version of our modern world, one constantly in the process of being destroyed by hot winds like those of a nuclear explosion’s blast wave.

The only bit of it we see is LA. but it’s hideous enough. The damned are still trapped in traffic jams in their burning cars, until such time as a demon kicks in their windscreen, pulls them out and eats them. To say nothing of the unusually vindictive Satan that rules over this Hell.

In short, avoid.

This Hell should not be mistaken for any of the dozen or so Hells that Constantine has visited in the original comics series that inspired the movie, Hellblazer.