The Back Seat of Errol Brown’s Cadillac

  • Type: Heaven
  • Origin: “Heaven’s in the Back Seat of my Cadillac” from the album Man to Man
  • Admission: at the discretion and invitation of Errol Brown

It’s unclear exactly what the make and model of Errol Brown’s Cadillac is, but one assumes that it is a large and comfortable vehicle. Certainly, it is well-tuned and fueled, easily capable of reaching the countryside where there are fewer nosy people.

It may be a little cramped by the standards of some Heavens, but Brown seems confident of its promise, and who could doubt a man who addresses you as ‘you sexy thing’?

This is one of those unusual Heavens that can only be visited by the living, not the dead. At least, I’m assuming the dead are not welcome.