Notice of Intention to Sue for Damages

From: Harlan J. Thomas
To: Cornelius Andersen
Date: 3, 9:00
Subject: Notice of Intention to Sue for Damages

Mr. Andersen,

As CEO and major sharefholder of Kliest-Hargraeves Consortium, it is my duty to inform you that my client, Justun Hargraeves, intends to bring a suit regarding the ownership of the Kliest-Hargraeves name and all chattels assigned to it.

As such, my client and I wish to arrange a meeting with you, and your legal representation, should you choose to bring any, to discuss this matter more fully, in the hope that a fair settlement can be agreed upon without recourse to lengthy and expensive court actions.

We await your reply,

Harlan J. Thomas,
on behalf of Justun Hargraeves.