Happy Harry Hardon’s Heaven

Happy Harry’s conception of Heaven is endlessly amusing. It’s exactly the stupid and pointless and strangely detail-less Heaven that any kid might learn about in Sunday School, but Harry sees only its flaws.

Sure, it doesn’t include the authority figures who circumscribe the lives of teenagers, but by the same token, it doesn’t include any of the activities that they organise – nor, by implication, does it include any particular resources for starting one’s own.

Harry’s Heaven is also unusually egalitarian for a Heaven: how many other Heavens let suicides in? This makes it a fine option for a successful suicide; it’s certainly better than any other choice they might have. But for the rest of us – and if you’re reading this, you presumably have not committed suicide (not yet, at any rate) – there are more interesting afterlives on offer.

The Festival of Rants: #2 “Make ‘em think you might stop”

Surprisingly few rants actually set out a concrete agenda – most of them are happy just to blow some steam. But every so often, a ranter comes along who transcends the form, and actually delivers a program for action. Such a ranter is Happy Harry Hardon.
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