Re: May I interest you in a data pylon solution?

From: Greta Kliest
To: Leonard Benson
Date: 16, 9:59
Subject: Re: May I interest you in a data pylon solution?

I thank you for your kind offer, but I currently have no unfulfilled data pylon needs. However, I have referred your offer to a friend I believe is interested. You should hear from him Monday.

Sorry Peet

From: Greta Kliest
To: Peet
Date: 16, 9:59
Subject: Sorry Peet

There’s not really anything I can do about the little shit. He’s Cornelius’ man in my department, and he’s made obsequiousness an art form. All you can really do is grin and bear it.

There is one thing: he’s got a fairly short attention span, and he’s not good with the jargon. Dial up the technobabble and you can probably manage to bore him until he goes away.

May I interest you in a data pylon solution?

From: Leonard Benson
To: Greta Kliest
Date: 16, 10:08
Subject: May I interest you in a data pylon solution?

Greta, it’s Benzi. Benzi Leonidas. I’m using this alias to contact you because I think that they can read my ordinary email.

Look, it turns out that the angel investors who helped me get going were not so much angelic as, well, criminal. They’ve got my family, Greta. And there’s something on that data pylon that they want – it’s not your job, but it’s on the same pylon. And they don’t really care about collateral damage – that’s how the only copies of this stuff wound up on that one server ship. I’ve been trying to persuade them that it’s lost, but it’s not. I’ve attached the coordinates and planned path of the server ship – maybe you can manage to retrieve it before they do. If you can, I can get out from under them, and pay you back somewhere down the line.

Please, Greta? I really need your help.

Re: Re: Getting Peet set up

From: Frank Davis
To: Greta Kleist
Date: 16, 9:30
Subject: Re: Re: Getting Peet set up

I wish you’d told me this sooner. Peet’s already pissed off about it, and I get the impression he wants me to get rid of Gerrit. Not that I don’t like the idea, but I’m guessing Andersen would take a dim view of us killing his favourite minion.

Can you talk to Peet, and see if you can’t smooth this over?

Re: Getting Peet set up

From: Greta Kleist
To: Frank Davis
Date: 15, 18:00
Subject: Re: Getting Peet set up

None of that’s a problem. The accesses I’ve done already, and the office is being set up as I type this. Only problem is, it’s being set up for two.

Corny’s insisted on having Gerrit Sollivan in there. He says it’s to “assist” Peet, but we both know he’s really there to spy for Corny. You should warn Peet before he gets a nasty surprise tomorrow morning…

…except you and him have both gone home, and I’m talking to empty air here, aren’t I? Oh well. Hopefully you’ll get this in time tomorrow.

Getting Peet set up

From: Frank Davis
To: Greta Kleist
Date: 15, 16:48
Subject: Getting Peet set up

If Peet’s going to do this audit properly, he can’t be on the floor with the rest of us – he’s going to need his own office. Do we have one for him?

He’ll also need all the necessary accesses for Hall Biotique – which I can’t approve for him, so you have to.

I’m assuming this is all no trouble, so I’ll see you tomorrow.