Beating Kryptonite like Green Lantern

Most people think that Green Lantern’s powers all reside in his wonderful, magical green ring. In fact, the ring is just a focusing device that transforms one kind of energy into another. And the energy it takes from its host is in the form of their willpower. Using the ring is like quitting smoking.

Will power is fine, as far as it goes. If you’re going to beat your kryptonite, you’re definitely going to need a lot of it. And it works just fine as a short term solution. You can will your way through nearly anything if you really need to. But that won’t address the underlying problem, just its current manifestation. It’ll stop you from having that smoke – it won’t stop you from wanting to.

Will power isn’t much use by itself. Ryan Reynolds couldn’t just will Green Lantern into being a good movie because it just doesn’t work that way. Will power is a fuel, but if you’re going to get anywhere, you also need the car and the driver. Otherwise, it’s like randomly hitting the wood with a hammer, hoping that luck alone with allow you to connect with and drive in the nail.

And using your will is always tiring: using it inefficiently will only tire you out with less progress towards your goal. You’re going to need it, but you’re going to need more besides.

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