Goin’ to Gotham

Is it just me, or has Gotham City suddenly become the tourist Mecca of the New DC Universe? This confuses me somewhat. For a city that’s routinely described as a wretched hive of scum and villainy, of crumbling ethics and infrastructure, with no visible tourist attractions beyond the Bat-Signal, it’s ludicrously popular as a place to visit.

I mean, this is a city whose native wildlife is probably the only such fauna to be more dangerous than that of the Australian Outback. It’s a place where bright colours are a sign of imminent danger, and dark colours a sign that danger will soon be imminent. It’s a city where they call the wind “the Razor”. Who in their right mind would ever want to go there?
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Dark Knights, Dark City I: The Early Years of Gotham City

Something a little different: this is part one of a three part essay on the history of the Wayne family and Gotham City. It should by no means be considered canonical. Rather, it is an attempt to work together the various Batmen that have appeared in a number of Elseworlds books from DC, along with selected stories from DC Universe comics.

This is nerdcore, folks – if you’re not a comics geek, there’s probably not much here for you.

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Dark Knights, Dark City III: The Last of the Batmen

Welcome back to this, the third and final installment of Dark Knights, Dark City. I hope you’ve enjoyed it – I know I have.
Hell, I may even do this, or something like it, again someday…

Parts One and Two are here and here respectively.

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Perhaps more indicative of the insanity of the Joker than anything else about him, Smilex is a deadly poison that causes horrific facial deformations, usually in form of a rictus grin.

Smilex is made in both liquid and gaseous forms – the gas resembles a green smoke. The liquid can be mixed into almost any foodstuffs.

The puzzling thing about Smilex is the business plan behind its distribution. The Joker gives it away, seeking the widest possible range of people inn Gotham, with the intent of killing them. Surely, this is insanity by any modern standard: the total absence of anything even resembling a profit motive – in fact, the Joker probably took a loss on the deal.

The Coolest Batman Villain

There’s only been a few hundred Batman villains over the years, due to most of them having a tendency to come back again and again and again…

…and let’s face it, I’m going to be talking about one of the big guns here.  One of the longest-lasting and most well-known of all Batfoes.  So you can rule out Film Freak and Ratcatcher and all those villain-come-latelies.

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