Wild Cards and Changeling: The Dreaming

In the Wild Cards series, human history was changed forever on September 15, 1946, when a Takisian biogenetic weapon detonated over Manhattan, and kicked off an age of Aces and Jokers. But what if Takis were not an alien world, but rather, a part of Arcadia? What if the feuding noble houses of Takis are in fact noble houses of Arcadia, and the whole of the Resurgence merely another gambit in the endless struggles between houses?

Well, that would make Dr Tachyon the world’s shortest Sidhe, but leaving that aside, it would also mean that every Ace power and every Joker deformity was actually an example of the power of glamour. In this world, every human has, all unawares, a Seelie and an Unseelie nature – but it took the Wild Card to awaken and empower them. Joker or Ace, it came down which nature a person was manifesting at the time they were exposed. (Perhaps the Black Queen was drawn by those poor buggers transitioning from one to the other at the time of exposure.)

In the modern day, Manhattan’s Joker town is populated for a Fomori host that does not know its true nature, and the Aces all draw upon glamour as members of various kiths. (It may make a little more sense to use the powers and seemings from Changeling: The Lost to represent this, but the setting should remain that of Changeling: The Dreaming).

Now, so far in the books, the Takisians do not seem interested in the results of their little experiment, but it’s unlikely that this state of affairs will remain the case forever…

Wild Cards Changeling: The Dreaming