Where I’m Going

The future, always so clear to me,
had become like a highway at night.
We were in uncharted territory now,
making up history as we went along.

Sarah Connor

To say I have a lot of plans is like saying that it gets dark at night. To extend that metaphor a little further: I’d like to talk about a few particular nights, and the quality and texture of the darkness in them.

The Brunswick Street Irregulars
I just found the absolutely perfect cover artist for it, which fills me with the urge to write lots and lots of it. So there’s going to be quite a bit more of that in the future. I’m getting to near the end of the first act – maybe another half dozen posts or so, I think – and things are about to get less pleasant for everyone.

Mugwump Jism
There’s going to be a new review column here, in which I look at the weird and wonderful. Things that tickle me – or unsettle me – by reflecting a particular mindset. Some of them will be old, old things, but some of them will also be new things. I’ll try to mix it up a little, but it will depend. To begin with, at least, it’s likely to be an irregular feature, but that might change.

I’ve started scripting one webcomic – and I have an artist who wants to draw it, too – and I have another two I’d like to get going pretty soon, too. I’m not sure where I’ll be hosting them, but if it’s not here, you can bet that I’ll be telling you about them right here and posting the links.

Work is continuing on the main Marvel Timeline, but it’s slow going. Also, given DC’s soon to be implemented reboot, there’s going to need to be some changes there. I’m thinking that I may do a new timeline for the post-Flashpoint universe, but we’ll see how that pans out. Also, now that the WildStorm universe is basically finished as a separate entity, I plan to do a timeline for that at some point too.

Other Stuff
I’m getting a little more serious about my writing, and I haven’t decided whether to keep this website the way it is and add a bit more personal stuff to it, or to launch another page elsewhere to do that with. I’m quite torn about what would be best…

Further developments as they come to hand, folks.