Re: Re: You know…

From: William Monday
To: Frank Davis
Date: 18, 8:47
Subject: Re: Re: You know…

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be bugged – you totally should. I’ve told you a million times that she isn’t right for you.

I’m just curious: what’s changed that it bugs you now?

Re: Tonight

From: Frank Davis
To: Hailey Vincent
Date: 16, 9:59
Subject: Re: Tonight

No big plans, no. Just a quiet night in. I was thinking of cooking for you, but since I hadn’t got around to deciding what to make yet, let alone buying the ingredients, that’s no big deal.

Wake me if you get in at a reasonable hour.


From: Hailey Vincent
To: Frank Davis
Date: 16, 9:59
Subject: Tonight

Honey, I’m sorry to pull this on you, but Corny’s just dumped a load of work on me, and I’m probably going to be pulling an all-nighter. You didn’t have anything big planned for tonight did you?


Re: Re: Getting Peet set up

From: Frank Davis
To: Greta Kleist
Date: 16, 9:30
Subject: Re: Re: Getting Peet set up

I wish you’d told me this sooner. Peet’s already pissed off about it, and I get the impression he wants me to get rid of Gerrit. Not that I don’t like the idea, but I’m guessing Andersen would take a dim view of us killing his favourite minion.

Can you talk to Peet, and see if you can’t smooth this over?


From: Peet
To: Frank Davis
Date: 16, 9:23
Subject: WTF?

Who the Hell is this little weasel, and what in the name of all St Wales is he doing in my office?

He says that his name’s Gerrit and he was sent by Andersen to assist me, but so far all he’s done is try to take over the office before I got in. Seems about as useful as openable windows on an orbital so far.