Beating Kryptonite like the Flash

On the face of it, the Flash’s only real power is moving really, really fast. Running away, basically. Which is just about the worst thing you can do in response to kryptonite, because it doesn’t do anything about the situation except make you feel worse about it.

But peel back that analysis, and the truth of the Flash’s power comes to light. Because it’s more than just running fast. Ever watched the hundred metre sprints at the Olympics? Seen how those athletes, some of the fittest people in the world, are basically exhausted by running a hundred metres in ten seconds or so? Now consider that the Flash runs something on the order of a million times faster than that, and it becomes clear that speed is only the half of it. The other half is endurance.

Endurance, to be sure, is closely related to will power, but there are significant differences. Willpower is all mental. It’s consciously applied to a situation, aggressive in its application. Endurance partakes of both the physical and the emotional. It’s the ability to hold on. It’s defensive, protective. If willpower is the clenched fist shaking at fate; endurance is curling into a foetal position and hoping that it will stop on its own.

Like willpower, you’re going to need endurance, but also like willpower, endurance is not enough on its own.

Next week: Beating Kryptonite like Batman