Fight Club and Robin Hood

So what happens after the end of Fight Club? What happens after Tyler Durden has blown away the credit record – and a fair portion of downtown Wilmington, Delaware? Well, Tyler isn’t exactly unprecedented in his anti-consumerist philosophy. Robbing the rich for the sake of the poor is not something he’s a stranger to. You can see where this is going.
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Terminator: Salvation and Fight Club

So I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who was a little freaked out during Terminator: Salvation” by the fact that Skynet’s human likeness appears to be that of Marla Singer.

It’s surely no coincidence, after all, and I’m about to tell you just how little a coincidence it is.
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Fight Club (1999)

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Score Tracklist:

  1. Who Is Tyler Durden?
  2. Homework
  3. What Is Fight Club?
  4. Single Serving Jack
  5. Corporate World
  6. Psycho Boy Jack
  7. Hessel Raymond K
  8. Medula Oblongata
  9. Jack’s Smirking Revenge
  10. Stealing Fat
  11. Chemical Burn
  12. Marla
  13. Commissioner Castration
  14. Space Monkeys
  15. Finding The Bomb
  16. This Is Your Life — featuring Tyler Durden

Tracks Not on Soundtrack: