1934 — Edgar Sampson writes “Stompin’ at the Savoy”

The Savoy Ballroom was one of the most happenning places in all of Jazz Age Harlem. It’s not at all mysterious why Edgar Sampson (a member of the Ballroom’s house band) would chose to memorialise it in song, nor why that song would become a popular standard (especially at the Savoy itself). The mystery is why it took nearly ten years (the Savoy Ballroom first opened its doors in 1926) for such a song to be written.

The piece was originally an instrumental, with the now familiar lyrics added to it by Andy Razaf later – the song had been recorded twice as an instrumental and even made the charts in that form. The song has been covered by countless musicians in the 80 years of its life, and remains a popular song even today.

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