The Third Place

Many long years ago, when the Grigori fell from Heaven, there was one who neither arrived in Hell nor was to be found on Earth: Az’zel was his name. He made his home in a dimension with no name beyond “The Third Place” – by which it was meant that this place was neither Heaven nor Hell. On the other hand, it was a place of eternal torment ruled a fallen angel (or, y’know, a demon), so it was basically a Hell by another name.

The sensation felt by visitors and residents to the Third Place has been described as a brutal numbness: not so much a pain as a painful awareness of the lack of all sensation. The realm itself is dark and nigh unto featureless, and ruled now by a human named Chris Cole, who more or less subsumed the power and being of Az’zel, and doesn’t seem to have redecorated much.

Even as Hells go, this one’s pretty crap – there’s no escaping the feeling of it, and you don’t get to watch other people suffer, so it’s not even entertaining. Nor does it feature the visual spectacle of the Mordor-on-steroids aesthetic so common to other Hells. I suggest avoiding it.