The Land of the Dead

The Land of the Dead resembles greatly the Land of the Living, although it is, apparently, both brighter and more cheerful. It appears to be inhabited chiefly by those spirits with unfinished business, although it’s hard to be sure of this, as only Emily (the Corpse Bride herself) is actually confirmed to belong in this category. It’s possible that this is a vestibule realm, where all recently deceased spirits go first, on their way to their ultimate destination. Certainly, Emily’s final fate seems to point in that direction.

The Land of the Dead has much to recommend it, including a bar featuring nightly gigs by a swinging jazz band, and a complete lack of werewolves (as there is no Moon). True, most of its inhabitants are a gruesome lot, and seem more than mildly crazy, and the decor tends toward the gothic, but these are simply points of view. And for all their craziness, the inhabitants of the Land of the Dead are kindly to a fault.

Visitors to this afterlife should be aware that they may find themselves participating in huge song-and-dance numbers at the drop of a hat. However, this is nothing to be alarmed by, and visitors are encouraged to relax and go with the flow…