The Centre Cannot Hold presents:

The first section of the new and revised Trade Paperback Timelines listings.

If you remember my announcement from just under a month ago, I promised a raft of new features for the timelines.

This is the first installment of those. There’s now a Frequently Asked Questions section, and a new Non-Comic Timeline covering the life of Elric of Melniboné, but those are lesser things.

The real changes are taking place in the Marvel Timelines section, especially the Earth-616 timeline (i.e. the main Marvel Universe). What used to be page 1 of that timeline has now been split up into 6 separate sections to make it easier to zero in on the bit you’re actually interested in – and every last page of the six has new books added to it. There’s about three times as many books listed in these six pages as there was in the one older page, with a few surprises (I hope) thrown in too. (They also, not coincidentally, leave plenty of room for expansion as new releases take place.)

The six new pages are, in chronological order:

I hope you’ll enjoy them – it’s been a labour of love putting this together, and there’s so much more yet to come. Although I think I’ve earned a little break before I five into the next secton.

An announcement for fans of my Marvel Timelines

I’m very gratified by the popularity of this feature – it’s far and away the most popular thing on this whole site – and I’m always trying to come up with ways to improve it. In fact, for the last little while, I’ve been working on a massive revision and expansion of it. The new version of the timeline will have the following features:

  • More detail in each entry – information about what issues are reprinted in it for every volume, and more details if they’re warranted.
  • More and smaller pages, for quicker load times.
  • Titles explaining what period the page covers, rather than just the numerical titles.
  • A few more subsidiary timelines spinning out of the main Marvel timeline.
  • More subheadings on pages to make it easier to locate major events.
  • A more detailed listing of what’s on each page, again in order to make it easier to locate major events.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions section to cover some of the more general information about my assumptions and rules of thumb for the Timelines that doesn’t belong on those pages themselves.
  • …and more besides.

So I hope you’ll bear with me, ‘cos it will take a little while longer yet, before I have everything sorted out to my satisfaction, but I promise, it will be worth it when I’m done.

I’m working from start to finish on the timeline, so you’ll probably still see the occasional addition to the later pages in the chronology for a little while, but as I complete each page, I’ll be adding updates only to the newer pages until I’m ready to bring in all the revised versions at once.