• Type: Other World
  • Origin: Un Lun Dun
  • Admission: the dead of Un Lun Dun and London. The living people of Un Lun Dun could just walk in, but usually don’t.

Wraithtown is an unusual locale, in that it partakes both of the mundane (well, as mundane as Un Lun Dun gets) and the spiritual. It is a neighbourhood of Un Lun Dun that also exists in Thanatopia, the necropolis to which all the dead of London and Un Lun Dun alike go to.

It is occupied by ghosts who are mostly insubstantial to the other residents of Un Lun Dun, but substantial to each other. The state of death, in Un Lun Dun is, unusually, both bureaucratic and efficient. Anyone who dies in the city of London, or in the abcity of Un Lun Dun, will have that recorded in Wraithtown, along with their ultimate fate.

Wraithtown is merely one curiosity among many in Un Lun Dun, so unless you’re dead, you’ll probably have a better time investigating the numerous other strange neighbourhoods of that abcity.